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Since I was little I have liked doing things with my hands and learning is my favorite hobby. Like many traveling artisans I started by making macrame, then micro-macrame (a smaller and cleaner form of macrame).


It was during one of my trips to South India that I discovered the art of wire-wrapping, which deeply fascinated me. I have since taken pleasure in experimenting and improving my technique, always seeking it out for innovation. It is a real pleasure to make a living from handmade crafts and to share my creations and techniques with you.

A big thank-you .

I was fortunate enough to grow up between Europe and Asia, and later came to discover South America.


It was during these trips that I developed my admiration for the traditional crafts of each country, as well as the pleasure of combining colors with each other. Macrame is a technique that immediately seduced me with its infinite possibilities and the inner calm it brings me.


It was during my meeting with Sindbad that it became obvious to us to embark on the creation of our first small collection of jewelry to sell in the markets. So began the crazy adventure of evolving each year, taking inspiration from our finds between India and elsewhere, much thanks to personalized orders that challenge us to seek new techniques.


It is a real pleasure to create unique pieces for each person, according to their taste and their usefulness. A big thank you to all those who follow us and support us for all these years.



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