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Here you will learn how to make this beautiful pendant and how to apply the different techniques we will use, in your own creations.


Here is the suggested list of materials




7.5 inches (20cm aprox.) 16g square wire

2 inches (4cm aprox.) 16g half-round wire (x2)

1.5 inch (3.8 cm aprox) 16g half- round wire


- Bail / front / weaves


3.5 inches (9 cm aprox.) 22g square wire (x4))

5 inches (10.5 cm aprox.) 14g half round wire

3 inches (5 cm aprox.) 16g half round wire (x2)

35 inches (90 cm aprox.) 28g round wire (x2)

2 inches (4cm) 18g half round (x2)



4 inches (11cm aprox.) 22g round wire

8 inches (22cm aprox.) 22g round wire (x2)

35 inches (90cm aprox.)28g round wire (x 3)




One 1 x 0.7 inch ( 2.5x 2 cm) aprox high domed tear drop or triangular shaped cabochon


Heart chakra pendant tutorial


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