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This is a tutorial about one specific technique, "The helicoïdal setting"


In this document you will find step by step instructions to create the 

"Helicoïdal setting" and how to secure it to a frame.


This not a tutorial about one jewelry design, the idea here if for you to add this technique to your own jewelry designs, to upgrade the flow in your wraps and you technique arsenal.


For this tutorial you will need:


- One round cabochon (10 - 15 mm).

- Six 15 cm Pieces of 14g  half-round, dead soft wire, i used brass for this tutorial but any metal will do.

- One 25 cm piece of 22g half-round, dead soft wire.


You can adjust the wire gauges to the size of your cabochon. The smaller the cabochon, the smaller wire gauge.



by the end you the file you will find a link to access the

"2 wires Helicoïdal setting video tutoria"l!🔥



The Helicoïdal setting


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